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flag-antigua-and-barbuda Antigua flag-jamaica Jamaica
flag-austria Austria flag-serbia Republic of Serbia
flag-bahamas Bahamas flag-saint-kitts-and-nevis St Kitt's & Nevis
flag-barbados Barbados flag-saint-lucia St Lucia
flag-belize Belize flag-saint-vincent-and-the-grenadines St Vincent & the Grenadines
flag-grenadines Grenadines flag-suriname Suriname
flag-sri-lanka Sri Lanka flag-syria Syria
flag-dominica Dominica flag-trinidad-and-tobago Trinidad & Tobago
flag-ethiopia Ethiopia flag-tunisia Tunisia
flag-grenada Grenada flag-united-kingdom United Kingdom
flag-guyana Guyana flag-united-states United States and it's territories
flag-haiti Haiti flag-vanuatu Vanuatu
flag-iran Iran flag-yemen Yemen
flag-iraq Iraq north-korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
France Slovak Republic